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Romantica of Devon are a family owned and run British business for over 30 years. We constantly fall in love with their new dress collections made by their talented designer Sally Waddington. Their key business values are honesty, integrity and family values which are incorporated into each distinctive dress.

romantica leanne.jpg
romantica Rosalie.jpg
romantica salma.webp
romantica wisdom.jpg
romantica amberlee.webp
romantica ava louise.jpg
Romantica Ellie May.jpg
romantica macie.jpg
romantica delaine.webp
romantica star.webp
romantica monroe.jpg
romantica quincy.jpg
romantica britany.jpg
Romantica Lexi.webp
Romantica charlie.jpg
Romantica maren.webp
Romantica miley.webp
romantica fifi.webp
Romantica Emaline.webp
romantica lyanna.webp
romantica palmer.webp
Romantica Julianna.webp
Romantica - Bella Marie.webp
romantica nala.webp
Romantica Micah.webp
romantica winafred.webp
romantica denise.webp
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