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Prom Collection

Our Morilee prom dresses are designed with an expert eye for detail and glamour, Madeline Gardner wows in her evening dress designs. She pairs rich fabrics in vibrant pinks, reds, and blues and complements them ever so dreamily with beading, sparkles, fringe and more. So no matter which style, design, or color you pick, there’s no doubt in one of our prom dresses, you’ll be turning heads.

mori lee 45040.jpg
mori lee 45077 green.jpg
mori lee 48038.webp
mori lee 43089 black.jpg
mori lee 47056 black.jpg
Mori Lee 48054.jpg
mori lee 48011.webp
mori lee 48057.webp
mori lee 48056.jpg
mori lee 47002.jpg
mori lee 45020.jpg
Mori Lee 47062.webp
mori lee 43089.jpg
mori lee 47056.jpg
Mori Lee 47019.jpg
mori lee 48007.jpg
mori lee 48057- green.webp
Mori lee 48042.webp
mori lee 48070.jpg
Mori lee 48030.jpg
mori lee 48023.jpg
mori lee 43032.jpg
mori lee 48038.jpg
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